BIOSAP - Blast Integrated Oligonucleotide Selection Accelerator Package

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The default output of BioSap is XML, thus, making the results very portable.
  • The data will be used to generate input files for Lombardi (Ink-Jet Microarray Synthesizer Control Software).
  • The data will be shared among different labs by including information that will allow it to interface with MIAME compliant databases (
  • The results of the microarray experiments generated will be used to optimize future experiments and facilitate discoveries.

The data gathered from each run of the BioSap pipeline will be imported into a local ISB database.
  • The output of different formats of the data, including: FASTA, ASN.1, XML, etc. will be accomplished through stored procedures in the database.

The software is designed in a modular fashion to make further development easier.
  • Further development is anticipated in the areas of parameter and output expansion.
  • Further development is being considered for algorithm optimization to improve the success rate (although current success rates can exceed 98%, given good parameters).
  • The software will be expanded to pick overlapping oligonucleotides that can be annealed, ligated and cloned to produce kilobase-length DNA, a new application of ISB's ink-jet oligo synthesizer.

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